• To develop projects and proposals aimed to observance of the patent legislation of the Republic of Belarus while drugs registering;
  • To ensure that the views and policies of AIPM member companies are made available to Belarusian decision makers;
  • To promote and support favorable conditions for commercial activity of AIPM member companies in the Republic of Belarus;
  • To establish and maintain relationships with all relevant government and public health authorities and appropriate business associations;
  • To foster cooperation and exchange information with Belarusian government, health, manufacturing, distribution, scientific and professional organizations concerned with health matters;
  • To promote and support the appropriate integration of the Belarusian pharmaceutical, medical equipment and healthcare markets into international markets;
  • To organize appropriate support in the defense of the interests and rights of the members of the AIPM in the Republic of Belarus;
  • To keep member firms fully informed of all relevant developments affecting the pharmaceutical and medical equipment markets in the Russian Federation.

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