The management and administration of the AIPM is carried out by the General Meeting of all members, the Supervisory Board, and the AIPM's Executive Staff, otherwise known as the Secretariat.

  • The General Meeting is the highest governing body of the AIPM. It meets at least four times a year and elects members of the Supervisory Board, approves the budget of the Association and the amount of the entrance fee and membership dues.
  • The Supervisory Board is elected by the General Meeting, coordinates policy for the AIPM, and oversees the Secretariat and the management of the AIPM's assets. Members of the Supervisory Board elect the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and two Vice Chairmen, and appoint the Executive Director.
  • The Secretariat is the Executive Body of the AIPM and represents the interests of the AIPM with other organizations, manages the AIPM's assets. The Executive Director manages the Secretariat.
  • Membership in the AIPM is open to research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers, encouraging two fundamental principles: assistance to innovation by proper observance and support of the strong and transparent legislation, aimed to the protection of intellectual property rights and adherence to the ethical standards in promotion of the pharmaceutical products .
  • Members are entitled to participate in regular and extraordinary General Meetings and any other meetings or events of the AIPM.
  • Application for membership in the AIPM must be made in written form and submitted to its Supervisory Board. Admission to the AIPM is granted if two-thirds of the members vote to approve an application.