Activities of the AIPM

In order to achieve its objectives, the AIPM supports and organizes both internal and external activities and programs, collects, analyzes and disseminates appropriate information to its members and partner organizations, and initiates and supports cooperation and other programs for its members and for Belarusian organizations concerned with health care.

Upon becoming a member of the AIPM, companies are entitled to receive a number of publications and services. Publications include:

* the AIPM Flash alerts the membership to urgent issues affecting the Belarusian pharmaceutical and medical equipment markets and internal AIPM news;

Member firms also have access to information collected and maintained by the AIPM, and all are invited to participate in membership meetings, seminars, and other events organized by the AIPM throughout the year.

A major aim of the AIPM is to remain an active partner in the Belarusian medical community and to work with Belarusian public health authorities in promoting a constructive dialogue on modern health care and pharmaceutical industry issues and practices. The AIPM uses the significant experience of its members and various programs and formats to support this dialogue.